Pacific Impact Energy

Pacific Impact Energy Corp. (Pacific Impact Energy) is spearheading the clean energy transition in the Philippines for Pacific Impact Development. Pacific Impact Energy aims to create synergies and collaborations with Government agencies, suppliers and other local power developers to meet the surging demand for environmentally conscious solutions that address the nation’s need for affordable and clean energy. Under the leadership of Darwin Deato, Pacific Impact Energy is poised to catalyze progress and shape a brighter, more sustainable energy landscape in the Philippines and beyond.

Pasifik Energi Sejahtera

Pasifik Energi Sejahtera (Pasifik Energi) is at the forefront of driving the shift towards sustainable power in Indonesia. With extensive experience in renewable energy engineering, construction, and investment in developing markets, the team, led by Erik Peper, ensures the responsible and integrity-driven delivery of every endeavor. Pasifik Energi Sejahtera collaborates closely with partners, providing comprehensive management and financial guidance. As a reliable developer for renewable power projects, Pasifik Energi is committed to driving positive change and fostering sustainable growth in Indonesia’s energy landscape.