James Timko, Executive Director of Pacific Impact Development (Pacific Impact), took center stage at the SUSI Partners Asia Investor Meeting held this week in Da Nang, Vietnam. The forum aimed to promote investment in renewable energy projects across Southeast Asia and brought together leading stakeholders dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Joined by representatives from SUSI Partners, TSV Investment, and Alba Renewables, James and his counterparts discussed the vast opportunities for renewable energy deployment in the region. The discussion encompassed the pivotal role of private and institutional investors in driving the transition towards cleaner energy sources and combatting climate change.

The event was organized and hosted by SUSI Partners, whose Southeast Asia-focused energy transition fund boasts a robust investor base comprising seven development finance institutions and select private investors. Notably, commitments from prestigious entities such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), FMO, and Nordic DFIs Norfund and Swedfund underscore the fund’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy initiatives.

Pacific Impact, in its mission to foster new investment opportunities in the region, has continued to drive forward its strategic joint venture with SUSI, which has now reached its two-year milestone. Together, they aim to spearhead the development of utility-scale renewable energy assets in key Southeast Asian markets, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and beyond.

The participation of Pacific Impact and its esteemed counterparts underscores the growing momentum towards renewable energy investment in the region. As Southeast Asia seeks to address its energy challenges while mitigating climate change, forums like these play a crucial role in driving innovation, fostering partnerships, and unlocking investment opportunities.

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