In a move that aims to promote sustainability and clean energy in Southeast Asia, Pacific Impact is strengthening its presence in the Philippines through the establishment of Pacific Impact Energy Corp. This company is strategically positioned to meet the surging demand for environmentally conscious solutions that address the nation’s need for affordable and clean renewable energy. This endeavor shows Pacific Impact’s unwavering commitment to affordable and clean renewable energy solutions and continued focus on development, investment, and operations. 

According to James Timko, Pacific Impact Development Director, investing in sustainable development and clean energy transcends mere power generation. It’s about unlocking possibilities for a better tomorrow. The transition to clean energy necessitates a shared commitment to innovation, environmental stewardship, and community well-being. Pacific Impact Energy Corp. [Philippines] is a strategic investment that emphasizes innovation, environmental responsibility, and dedication to the betterment of the community.   

Darwin Deato’s appointment as President of Pacific Impact Energy Corp. marks a pivotal moment driven by his extensive expertise in project development within the energy sector. With a proven track record in planning, preparation, acquisition, and divestment, Darwin brings invaluable experience to the table. “I am grateful to the management of Pacific Impact for trusting me to lead the development efforts in the Philippines. There remain significant opportunities for solar and wind in the Philippines and I am looking forward to completing more projects that are commercially viable and with high development impact to the host communities.”, Darwin said. 

Anchored in Makati City’s premier business district, Pacific Impact Energy’s location fosters collaboration with government agencies and private partners. Together, they strive for a greener and more sustainable future. Led by Darwin Deato, and supported by Mary Kristine Bañez and the Pacific Impact Development team, Pacific Impact Energy is ready to energize progress and shape a brighter, more sustainable landscape for power in Southeast Asia. 

Pacific Impact Energy Corp. aims to create synergies and collaborations with other local power project developers, whether they are in the early stage or advanced stage of development. Interested parties may request an appointment with Pacific Impact Energy Corp. by sending an email to 

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